Acknowledgements and credits

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The author is pleased to express her gratitude to all the wonderful professionals who contributed their knowledge and skills to this project and without whom it would not be possible to create a modern textbook.

Editor: Carolyn Pytlyk
Book Illustrator: Natalia Gavrilova
Book Designer: Elena Pushkina
Sound Director: Elena Rumyantseva

Actors and Announcers:
Maria Dodenkova
Lyubov Litova
Natalia Nikitina
Aleksei Leonov
Denis Garmash
Evgeniy Rozhko

Special thanks to Dr. Zsuzsa Szabo-Nyarady who first introduced Sputnik to the students at the University of New Brunswick, and also Dorotka Lockyer and her students who use this text at the University of Victoria. Your insightful feedback and valuable suggestions are much appreciated!